Koninginnen Buckfast Ameland


Thoroughbred queens

The thoroughbred queens of Ameland are the basis and the anchor of beekeeping.
They can be used for the production of the F1 in production colonies.

An island provides the highest certainty for thoroughbred breeding and stable heredity.
The queens are provided with a pedigree and a certificate of authenticity from Ameland.



heel veel honing buckfast ameland

Locally mated

From our best breeding mothers queens are grafted and fertilized by a mix of buckfast drones in a drone congregation area near the hive. This warrants vitality and diversity.
These queens can be introduced to production colonies. Our selection guarantees high quality.

Thoroughbred 1 year old queens from Ameland

You have the opportunity to order older queens. The quantity we have for sale is very limited. The queens are delivered with an evaluation.
We always have offspring of the queens and sisters available.peter en marcel 2

Thoroughbred queens from Baltrum

We can offer you a limited number of queens from the island of Baltrum. Please order below.

Mainland mating station Nature Reserve Leyhörn

Because of the great cooperation with Peter and Herman Spieker we can offer you the possibility, though limited, to order queens from Leyhörn.
Each year a new drone line is created.




Colonies on Dadant frames

In spring during cherry blossom we offer a limited number of colonies on a 6 frame, thoroughbred or locally mated by arrangement.