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Breeding station Buckfast Ameland provides queen bees, honey and bee pollination services to private individuals as well as companies in the Netherlands and abroad. For breeding Buckfast queens we take lines as a basis which, as a minimum, meet the Buckfast criteria for comb strength. docility, low swarming and honey production. Beyond that the colonies must exhibit good hygienic behaviour.

The activities of breeding station Buckfast Ameland are focussed around my own seed cultivation company and the honey production of the Spieker family from Rhauderfehn. This way we can find out if our lines meet the requirements of vital pollinators for the flowers in the greenhouses and the honey production. Only the lines which in practice live up to the requirements are used for breeding new queens.

Report 2015 BuckfastAmeland.nl

The year 2015 started out very well. Preparation for the new seasons was successful, but difference in size and spring development.
Several lines were chosen. With them we have been to different mating stations, in groups of around 30 hives, amongst others to Oij and Baltrum and several other stations. Herman Spieker went to Oij and Baltrum for Buckfast Ameland, thanks again. The sale of queens from Ameland is successful, there is a growing demand from abroad. The queens of Buckfast Ameland become more and more popular there.
We purchased an uncapping machine for processing the honey properly. This way we can work a lot faster and spend more time with the colonies. In 2016 we will travel to the acacias and cornflowers in Germany. Between the Spieker family and us there is a great cooperation, we use each other’s materials and Peter has valuable connections in Germany. We will expand this cooperation and create a real win-win situation.

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Geert is busy mixing sperms of different colonies. This way we can conserve certain qualities. The queens have been introduced to Peter, Geert and me. This looks good and we will continue for the coming year. Drone breeding continues to improve. This is something which you get more experienced in over the years. Information about pool breeding will follow in due course.
For 2016 we will decide what we will sell in the spring. Coming out of the winter in good shape is one of the criteria for our selection. Also, there will be material on Dadant for sale in the spring during cherry blossom.


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